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Nov 25, 2012 8:00am PST
of that classified information make its way to palula broadwell law enforcement confirmed to cnn and contributor that they are looking at weather or not brought well, developments in the sex scandal that broke down cia director, david petraeus. the fbi is now investigating weather the former four-star generals mistress, paulsa classified military material a command center in afghanistan, the briefings regularly include classified information. did some of that information make its>> she would have received sources, and number of looking at weather broad extramarital affair with a thank afghanistan, gathering material for her for herall in" on the afghanistan four-star general. the washington post had first reported the details about the petraeus. petraeus had authorized would have gotten her>> to say that, the implication of the fbi is looking at something makes it sound like they are the determine how this circumstances ". the appeal removed from her national-security she gave whomever keep it to her will have plenty to answer for. you >> terrace explosion was in the massachusetts to -- and at t
Nov 24, 2012 7:00am PST
be called a different color other than black. the line via law office and i have this credit card and i think it's a good time for me to take advantage of these discounts. for many this was their second day. some of them visit the stores open a on thanksgiving night. that friday sales increase 4% to $11.4 billion. >> police arrested 42 people following a brawl that broke out at a house party in san jose last night. police received reports of shots fired at a home in the 3000 block the pact have been adjusted for a 11. authorities stated that people throw rocks at approaching officers for several hours. two officers were injured during the incident. they were taken to hospital to be treated for injuries that are not considered life-threatening. >> memorial services will be held this morning for a man who was shot and killed outside of the store in san jose last week. this happened during an attempted carjacking outside of the 7- eleven store. police say that this man and his accomplices abroad for business is in east san jose and started a shootout with police that engine officer. a memo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2